Styled in Tape                                                  

         Duct Tape Statement Pieces: Wallets, Clutches, Rings, Pens, and Decor


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Customers who got Styled in Tape!

Me, after my live segment on Live in the D, gifting Jason Carr with a duct tape half wallet (he's putting his money in it) and Tati Amare with a duct tape pen (She's putting it in her hair)

It is always cool when family supports you. My uncle bought a duct tape rose chevron set (pen and accordion wallet) for his girlfriend. He said she loved it and couldn't believe it was all duct tape!

She liked it so she put a ring on it!

When a customer at a Fair requests a clear bi-fold wallet(something you never even thought of before), you make it, on the spot!

I appreciate my mom's co-workers supporting me! One treated herself to a duct tape rainbow accordion wallet and the other started her Christmas shopping early and purchased her son a BLAH duct tape bi-fold wallet.

A loyal customer of mines, with 2 duct tape bi-fold wallets and now a duct tape canvas art for his wall. Appreciate his constant support.

Customer who bought a silver scroll accordion wallet.

Not sure who was more excited about the sale of the duct tape canvas art, me or him! He said this was his first piece of art he has bought in years!!!

She purchased not only a duct tape ring for herself but also got a duct tape (weaved) wallet for her husband!


Happy to make a little girl's day with duct tape ring. (I don't make my ring's like this anymore but will if requested.)